Michal Nesvadba


Author - Michal was the creator of and the writer for the popular mime group "Mimtrio "(1979 -89) , at the present time a group "Funky Brothers".

Solo performances and shows include "THE TAPEMAN" (2000), "MIME SOLO" (1995) and also "PUSH CAR" (1988).

Other writing, directing and production credits include the ballet "BILLIARD" (1993), the ice revue "THE ICE CREAM PRINCESS" (1999). "THE ALOTRIA" (2007)

He is the author of the TV children's show R30;R20; "THE MAGIC SCHOOL" - (1999-2011).


The Funky Brothers - Michal Nesvadba together with an old time colleague - actor Vaclav Upir Krejci created a well known comic duo. Their performances are based on the combination of music and a full range of different sound effects,colours, costumes, gags and parodies.

Their show can be performed in all types of street festivals, theaters, ballrooms, discos and also in popular TV shows and private parties.

The show consists of many short sketches and etudes.They have more than 40 different ones in their repertoire.

As the language is not an important part of their performances, they can make people laugh all over the world.

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